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Welcome to Engineering Dreams, the ultimate platform connecting space industry professionals and businesses. We understand that the space industry is highly protective of their business information, which is why we have developed a unique offering to help suppliers promote their products and services to the global market while keeping their confidential information safe.


For a monthly subscription fee of NZD $140, members gain access to a range of benefits, including a Space Crux interview, members-only content and a platform to advertise their business. Our additional service of building a business portfolio allows members to promote their company to the global industry in a professional and compelling way.

Our Space Crux interview series is designed to get to the crux of our members' products and services in just 15 minutes. Members can showcase their offerings to our audience, gain exposure, and build their network. Our team then works with members to create a personalised portfolio that showcases their skills, achievements, and services while keeping confidential information secure.

At Engineering Dreams, we understand that many suppliers in the space industry are not allowed to use references, which makes it difficult for them to promote their business. This is where we come in. We act as the middleman and take your portfolio to the global market, presenting it to potential clients and employers without revealing any confidential information.

In addition to the interview and portfolio, members receive access to exclusive members-only content, including articles, webinars, and events. This content is tailored specifically to the needs and interests of our members, providing them with valuable insights and opportunities to learn and grow.

Members also gain access to our platform to advertise their business. Our platform provides a space for members to promote their services, products, and job opportunities to other professionals and businesses in the space industry. By advertising with us, members can reach a targeted audience of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the space industry.

At Engineering Dreams, we believe that the future of the space industry is built on collaboration and innovation. By joining our community, you will be joining a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a better future for all.

Join Engineering Dreams today and become a part of something great.

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