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About Us

About Us

The genesis of Engineering Dreams traces back to the yearning for meaningful connections and boundless possibilities. Jess Covich, a trailblazer with a heart brimming with ambition, envisioned a world where innovation would know no bounds. Fuelled by the desire to empower businesses to thrive collaboratively and to provide individuals the avenue to pursue their passions, Engineering Dreams was born

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Executive Team

At Engineering Dreams, we epitomise leadership, experience, and integrity. Guided by visionary leaders, our experienced professionals uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency. Together, we're a united force dedicated to delivering value and fostering trust with unwavering integrity.

Jess Covich

CEO and Founder

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Glenn Marvin

Head of Advisory Board

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Mark Saunders

General  Councel

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Our Promise

Envisioning. Empowering. Evolving. These three pillars form the foundation of our promise. We envision a world where innovation isn't a distant dream but an everyday reality. We empower businesses to collaborate beyond boundaries and nurture ideas that shape industries. We enable individuals to embrace what sets their souls on fire be it in the realms of exploration, discovery, or the pursuit of scientific wonders.

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