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Welcome To Engineering Dreams

Empowering Space and Defence Success: Expert Solutions

Based in New Zealand, we are dedicated to helping companies maximise their potential within the aerospace, space, technology and defense industries

New Zealand Growth

NZ Space Economy

NZ Space Sector, 2019 reports industry is worth 1.75b and provides over 5000 jobs

Space and Defence Unites

NZ government consolidates space and defence responsibilities into a single portfolio, led by the esteemed Honorable Judith Collins

NZ Defence Association

Engineering Dreams is a proud member of the NZ Defence Association

What We Do

At Engineering Dreams, we specialise in providing end-to-end solutions tailored to your business needs. From strategic business development and market intelligence to bid campaign management and solution architecture, our services cover every aspect of enhancing your business's success. We excel in crafting compelling proposals, offering subject matter advice, and providing negotiation support.


Our Services

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