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About Us

Welcome to Engineering Dreams, where we are dedicated to enhancing the prowess of businesses within the Space and Defence domains. Founded by the visionary Jess Covich, Engineering Dreams was born from a bold ambition: to provide New Zealand with access to state-of-the-art solutions while fostering robust global partnerships.

At Engineering Dreams, we specialise in navigating the complex landscape of solution management. From inception to execution, our seasoned team guides clients through every step, ensuring a seamless journey toward success. Whether it's devising strategic plans, crafting compelling communications, or harnessing the power of market intelligence, we are your trusted ally in achieving your objectives.

Drawing upon our extensive industry knowledge and worldwide networks, we deliver actionable insights and innovative solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our approach is not just about managing proposals; it's about architecting solutions that drive tangible value and make a lasting impact in the Space and Defence sectors.

With our unwavering commitment to excellence and proven methodologies, Engineering Dreams stands as a beacon of reliability and innovation. Join us in shaping the future of Space and Defence, and let Engineering Dreams be your guide to success in a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape

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Executive Team

At Engineering Dreams, we epitomise leadership, experience, and integrity. Guided by visionary leaders, our experienced professionals uphold the highest standards of honesty and transparency. Together, we're a united force dedicated to delivering value and fostering trust with unwavering integrity.

Jess Covich

CEO and Founder

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Glenn Marvin

Head of Advisory Board

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Mark Saunders

General  Councel

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Purple Podiums

Our Promise

Envisioning. Empowering. Evolving. At Engineering Dreams in the Space and Defence sector, we envision a future where innovation thrives daily, empowering people to collaborate, shaping the forefront of space exploration and national security. We enable individuals to embrace their passions and talents, propelling our clients forward with confidence and innovation, ensuring a safer and more prosperous future for all

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